How to make a Christmas playlist for your children

By KAREN KLEINBERG Associated PressFor Christmas music, the most important ingredient is an instrument.

It needs to sound festive and have the right timbre to be a festive holiday treat for your kids.

Here are five tips for making the most festive holiday music.1.

Get a Christmas instrument with the right sound.

Most kids will have a Christmas tree, but they’re not going to have a guitar or violin.

You need to have an instrument that can be played with great care and with the best sound.

A guitar, a mandolin, a flute or harp can be used, but it’s the most expensive.

The best ones are electric or acoustic instruments, such as electric basses, guitars and cellos.2.

Make the instrument with a sound that kids can hear.

You don’t want to make the instrument loud.

Your kids need to hear the sound of the strings.

You also want them to be able to understand what it is you’re playing.

They should be able a couple of seconds of the sound before the music starts.

You can use a sound recorder or a computer program to record the music.3.

Keep the instrument in a quiet room.

Make sure the instrument is in a dark, quiet place.

It should be out of sight, out of mind and not on any table or sofa.

You might have to move it in order to make room for the music, but be sure to leave room in between the instrument and the rest of the room.4.

Have a sound system.

Many kids will love the sound you can make with a computer.

Some kids will prefer an acoustic guitar.

If you use a computer to record music, make sure that the sound comes from the instrument.5.

Listen to the music you make.

Some parents have a special place in their home where they can listen to the holiday music they’re making.

If the kids don’t know where to start, they can start by listening to a song or movie they’ve always loved.

Your child can hear that and learn something new about themselves.

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