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By now, you have probably heard the news about the death of Pandora’s musical theatre, Panchora, and the devastating consequences of its cancellation.

Theatre-goers were furious.

Panchoras success was due to a unique combination of a musical and music-themed show, a show that had been created to entertain people for over 100 years.

But its cancellation has left many people devastated, especially since Panchors popularity is so low compared to other musicals that have been cancelled in the past.

Pankaj Parakh is a writer and producer who has worked on several shows.

He wrote the screenplay for the musical and the music-related show, Pankaja.

I spoke to him about what he thinks of the cancellation.

Tell us about the musical theatre.

Panchora was created by the Rajkumar and Gopi Thakur in the late 1800s.

It was the first musical theatre to offer the same kind of entertainment that the rest of the theatres in Mumbai were offering.

The story is told from a girl’s perspective and the characters are all based on real people.

The musical theatre was a success in the early 1900s.

In the first three decades of its existence, it was the largest theatre in Mumbai and the only one that offered live entertainment.

When Pancho was cancelled in 2014, it took us by surprise.

But after the show was cancelled, the fans started to organize.

They wrote letters to the theatre owners and demanded the theatre be opened again.

We were shocked that the fans were willing to do anything for a show which had been cancelled.

We thought the theatre would close down.

It’s been three years since the cancellation, but we still want the theatre to reopen.

What has happened to the original idea behind the musical?

What has been the reaction to the cancellation?

I’m not sure about the original ideas behind the show.

The original idea was to tell a story of a girl, Pata, who is going through a bad relationship with her father.

She is in love with a boy, Bhagwan.

She wants to go to Panchor for a few days and be his friend.

This is the kind of story that we were hoping to tell.

In reality, the Panchory’s theatre is not that different from any other theatre in India.

I was working on a screenplay that I had written and I didn’t know how to write it.

I had the idea that the story of Pata would be the story about Panchoro and the way Panchori interacted with people.

We also had the intention to include the music of Panchorus.

When we were writing the script, I wrote the musicals theme song, which is called “Pancho”, with Panchoru singing it.

We decided to use a piece of music from a different era, which has not been heard since the 19th century, called the “Dada.”

Panchoros music is based on the 19 century of Dada music.

It has become a global hit and has become the biggest musical in the world.

Why did you decide to include a piece that is not really popular in India?

The original idea of the musical was to include some of the songs from the 1930s and 40s that were popular in the city, which were performed in the Parel area.

That’s why I used to listen to these songs while working on the screenplay.

This idea was not just for the Pashupatinath song, it also has a lot of musicals, including Panchu, which was produced by my friend and a member of the Pankora family.

The idea was for Panchuros music to be the musical equivalent of the original music, which wasn’t in the original show.

Why didn’t you include a song from Panchour?

We did not want to include Panchura.

This was the only time when we didn’t have Panchuri music.

We used the song “Kyaan Gita”.

It was originally composed by the great writer Dravid Kishore and performed in Panchoran.

We had heard about the song and decided to include it.

But it is not a popular song in Pankoria.

We have seen the film Panchola.

We never heard about Pankori songs.

It is an old song, so it was very difficult for us to include.

You have also written about Pashu and Panchariya in your screenplay.

What were some of your feelings towards the musical as a musical?

I feel sorry for the fans of the theatre.

Pashru, Pani, and Padiya are my characters and I would like to see them live again.

The fact that the people who attended the performance of Pankoti, Pachi, and Pando were singing about their sadness about Pachi’s death and Pani’s death, was a

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