How did the music business change in the 1990s?

An Associated Press investigation has found that music is a big part of the lives of many Americans and the music industry continues to grow at an exponential pace.

In this case, the AP’s music writer, Matt Frewen, interviewed music business consultant and musicologist, Paul Simon, who is widely considered to be the father of the music genre.

Simon told the AP he is in favor of preserving the “gold standard” of music, a term that was coined in the 1950s to describe the way classical music was recorded.

The term is used to describe recordings of classical music by artists including Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and other great composers.

However, in recent years, it has become synonymous with digital music, music downloaded and streamed on smartphones and other devices.

The music business is booming.

The music industry grew $1.2 trillion in revenue in 2016, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, and generated $3.4 trillion in profits last year.

Simon says the music boom is the result of people looking for new ways to entertain themselves.

“People want to do things they’ve never done before, and the way that they’re doing it now is by having access to a huge amount of information,” he said.

“It’s about the people doing it.”

Simon said that’s why music is such a big industry in America.

He said that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to listen to music in the past, but today, the music is so much more accessible and accessible than ever before.

Simon said people don’t have to go to a concert theater to get music.

They can go to Spotify and listen to their favorite music without having to spend thousands of bucks.

Simon said people are listening to music because they’re bored, but also because they enjoy hearing music.

Simon, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the rise of streaming and music-on-demand platforms like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music are turning people into “virtual musicians.”

“People are looking for something new.

They’re looking for different experiences, which is why the music we hear now is so different than what we’ve heard before,” Simon said.”

They’re searching for something that’s a little bit more creative, a little more personal,” Simon added.”

What I find fascinating about this is that music in general is the most personal of all the things I know,” he added.

Simon’s latest book, “The Music Man: The Story of The Classical Music Industry” is out from the University Press of America.

It examines the history and development of the American music industry and its legacy in America and the world.

He said the industry’s “golden age” was in the 1960s, when recordings of the most important works were being made and the recordings were being released to the public.

Simon says he learned about the music in a library at age 7 when a teacher told him that a copy of Beetho’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” was missing.

The teacher found it when she opened the door to his house.

“He looked at me and he said, ‘You’ve got to look at this.

This is the one,'” Simon recalled.

Simon began to study the music by the age of 14.

He studied music at the London Conservatory of Music and was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1963.

Simon, now a professor of musicology at the New School for Social Research, said his career has always been about music and culture.

He’s a member of the Royal Academy of Music.

Simon is also a member and a fellow of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the oldest and most prestigious music award in the country.

He has been a member for 10 years and the chairman of the International Academy of Classical Music.

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