The ‘spongeBob’ Musical Is Back and It’s Weird News

The music is back, and it’s really, really, weird.

The SpongeBob musical is back!

With new songs and an entirely new soundtrack, SpongeBob SquarePants has returned for its eighth season.

It’s not only a show that was loved and beloved by the show’s loyal fans, it’s also a critically acclaimed smash hit that brought an entire generation of kids and adults together, and now it’s back.

The musical is also set to bring back the voice of the character, Bill Murray, for the first time since season one, which was the first season to include an original musical.

So how did it all go so wrong?

We asked director Josh Schwartz, who previously directed a version of the SpongeBob animated series, to tell us.

How did it happen?

There was a story that was being told that was very interesting to me.

I started to realize, ‘Oh, this is really interesting.’

That was kind of the first story that came to mind.

So, I started doing a storyboard for the show and it was, like, ‘Well, we’re going to do this and this and then this and another storyboard, and we’re gonna do this next.

And then it was like, “Okay, let’s do a story for this.”

So I went into the storyboard and I was like looking at it and I saw, like in the storyboards, this thing that’s a giant, gigantic sponge.

And I was just like, Oh, I see this.

It was like that.

So I looked at it, and I looked like this giant sponge, and then I looked and I’m like, Wow, it was that much bigger than this giant SpongeBob.

And it was just, I’m just so, so happy to be here.

And the music is just so amazing.

It makes me feel so proud of this show and the talent that we have on it, so it’s amazing.

And this show has been such a huge part of my life, and the music has been really important to me, and so it was so amazing to be able to get it back.

I mean, I was thinking about SpongeBob in my head and I just wanted to make it a little different and just a little more whimsical, and have the voice and all of that.

I think that it was really exciting to be in the voice room with the director and all the crew and the musicians.

And there were a lot of things that we had to do, but it was fun.

I mean, it just wasn’t going to happen.

And I’m not just talking about the music.

I’m talking about making sure that the visuals were very different from the animation, and everything.

And when we were shooting, we had an entire, huge video set.

And we had this giant stage, so we were just doing all these things, and there were like, I don’t even know, 40 camera angles that we were trying to do.

It took so much time to get the visual effects done, and to make sure that everything that we wanted to have in the music just came out in the visuals, and that was really fun.

So, that’s what I’m going to try to do with the SpongeBobs, I mean I’m really excited about this show.

I was so proud to work with Josh, and Josh was just so excited about the show.

We were like friends, and he’s just so talented.

And, you know, there was a really big challenge to get this season of SpongeBob, because we were so young, so this was really a huge leap of faith and so much fun for us.

And that was kind, and like, it didn’t work out for everybody.

And Josh is a really amazing director, so there was so much joy to work on this.

And he was so gracious, and really nice.

And just the sheer, unbridled joy that he gave to this show, to be so excited and be able get this back.

And also just his creativity.

He’s so inventive, and what he does, you just don’t see.

And like, that was just the most fun.

And the only thing that we’ve ever done is make a musical that is so crazy and wonderful.

And if you listen to the soundtrack, it makes you feel like you’re in a world of music.

So we had a lot to do to make the Spongebobs feel like the Spongebos of old.

So what’s the new music?

It’s a completely new score, and a completely different song.

It is not the same song.

I have a song in my brain, and every time I hear it I think, Oh my God, this sounds great.

And so I put it on the show, and when we premiered it, I had no idea what to expect, and once I heard it,

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