What you need to know about the new Apple Music app

Free music is back on Apple Music, but you’ll need to upgrade if you want to listen to your favorite songs.

Here are the best free music apps and how to use them.1.

Free Sheet Music Free music apps like SoundCloud and Spotify are free.

But you can get them on Android.2.

SoundCloud: Free and open source audio streaming service.3.

Spotify: Free, but requires a subscription.4.

Pandora: Free but requires an in-app purchase.5.

iHeartRadio: Free streaming radio service.6.

Beats Music: Free music service.7.

Pandora Unlimited: Free service.8.

Beats1: Free song service.9.

Free SoundCloud music: Free.10.

Soundcloud Music Pass: Music streaming service with an in app purchase.11.

iO Music: Music discovery service.12.

SoundSpotify: Free audio streaming and online music discovery service with a subscription and offline listening.13.

Sound Cloud Music Pass (Free): Free subscription to SoundCloud’s SoundCloud Music Pass service.14.

SoundTune: Free app that uses Google’s TuneIn music service to sync songs to your computer or iPhone.15.

SoundClip: Free mobile music player that plays your music library.16.

Spotify Connect: Connects Spotify and Apple Music to your iPhone or iPad.17.

SoundPlay: Free cloud music player.18.

Spotify Premium: Premium subscription service for Spotify.19.

Spotify Mobile: Spotify mobile app with live streaming and offline playback.20.

Spotify News: News service that offers up-to-the-minute news headlines.21.

iTunes Radio: iTunes Radio music service that uses the Apple Music music service for a subscription fee.22.

SoundStruck: Free online radio station that plays music from the SoundCloud SoundStamped service.23.

SoundTube: Free digital radio station.24.

Spotify Music: Spotify subscription service that includes in-game purchases and offline streaming.25.

SoundBoost: SoundBoost is a streaming music service with premium premium audio and video streams.26.

Spotify Mixcloud: Mixcloud is a curated Spotify radio service that plays songs from SoundCloudSoundstamped.27.

SoundPulse: Free radio station offering curated music.28.

SoundMix: Free subscription music service offering a curated music experience.29.

SoundBucket: Free offline radio station with a curated sound library.30.

SoundWall: Free social music service, curated by Spotify.31.

SoundQuest: Free platform for music discovery, curated content and curated playlists.32.

SoundSolo: Free live streaming radio station, curated and curated.33.

Soundwave: Free free radio station for fans to play music with.34.

SoundStar: SoundStar is a social network for fans and creators.35.

SoundCinema: Free YouTube music service featuring curated content.36.

SoundEmpire: Free Sound Empire music service in addition to SoundTube.37.

SoundGenie: SoundGenies curated content is curated and featured on SoundCloud.38.

SoundLIVE: SoundLive is a global music streaming service that allows fans to access all of their favorite music from Soundcloud SoundStamps music library and all of the artists that they love.39.

SoundVision: SoundVision offers a curated service featuring music and video creators.40.

SoundVault: SoundVaults curated music service offers a unique music experience for fans of artists that fans are searching for.41.

SoundRise: SoundRises curated music streaming app offers an unparalleled music discovery experience.42.

SoundStream: SoundStream is a digital radio radio station from SoundTunes that delivers original, curated music content.43.

SoundTrance: SoundTrances curated music services features include a curated catalog and curated playlist of curated music and artists.44.

SoundJam: SoundJam is a mobile app that offers a mobile version of SoundCloud for music and entertainment.45.

SoundWired: SoundWires music streaming and music discovery app offers a digital music service where fans can download and stream music to their phones.46.

SoundRush: SoundRush is a music discovery platform.47.

SoundBlueshift: SoundBlushes curated music is available for download and play.48.

SoundZone: SoundZone provides a curated subscription service.49.

SoundTraffic: SoundTraffics curated music library offers an online music experience with in-depth music and art features and music playlists, as well as curated video and audio content.50.

SoundBox: SoundBox is a platform for artists and music lovers to discover, share, and monetize music and other content.51.

SoundRadio: SoundRadio is a free music service from SoundBlush and SoundQuest.52.

SoundChampions: SoundChamps curated music platform is a place to discover music that is being played by other SoundChants users.53.

SoundHound: SoundHounds

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